Radio Adelaide Small Change March, 2018 – Unemployed Womens’ meeting

Radio Adelaide Small Change June, 2018 – Union to visit Ceduna

Ten Daily 10th August, 2018 – Top earners get in 2 wks what poor get in year

Radio Adelaide Papertracker November, 2018 – Ceduna roadtrip

Whyalla News 14th August, 2018 – Union makes Whyalla trip

West Coast Sentinel 17th August, 2018 – Union hears from Ceduna

The Wire Radio 20th August, 2018 – Cashless Welfare Card

3CR SUWA Radio Show – Anti-Poverty Conferences & Cashless Welfare

ABC NEWS 24th February, 2019 – Early testing for HIV is vital

Ontherecord UniSA 1st July, 2019 – An inside look at grassroots struggles

17th July, 2019AAF announces the first National AUWU Office

West Coast Sentinel 5th September, 2019 – Senator gets cashless card insight

Canberra Times 10th September, 2019 – Discrimination by status

Radio Adelaide Small Change September, 2019 – Lobbying for Newstart Raise

Dept. Education, Skills & EmploymentAppointment to NEST Ref. Group

InDaily 16th September, 2019 – The murky status of ‘sex for accommodation’

NewDaily 17th September, 2019 – Ads offering housing for sex ‘not illegal’

AUWU/GetUp/PHM-Oz – October, 2019 – Basic Income vs Job Guarantee

mySunshineCoast – AUWU 2019 in recap

December 2019 – Aust. Progress FWD Organise Speaker list

2019 – SACOSS Conference Speaker list

December 2019 – AUWU Mutual Obligation Survey

Power to Persuade 20th March, 2020 – Calls for change to welfare system

SACOSS Facebook.

NAPWHA – Taking the Temperature of the Association – Interview

Hayden is currently supporting the following organisations in a range of roles:

Worldwide Unemployed Workers’ Unions 


A Worldwide Coalition of Unemployed Workers’ Unions and Networks.

Australian Council of Social Services

Board of Directors

A national advocate for action to reduce poverty and inequality and the peak body for the community services sector in Australia

Australian Progress 2020 Fellowship

Alumni Fellow

Australia’s leading organisation strengthening the capacity and voice of civil society.

The National Fellowship invites leaders from all over Australia to participate in a leadership program redesigned in an online format exploring best practice campaigning and advocacy.


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