Hayden is a speaker, facilitator and Coordinator with the People’s Health Movement Oz, and is also a member of the Accountable Income Management Network, and recently founded the Worldwide Coalition of Unemployed Workers’ Unions.

Hayden continues to campaign for a Raise to the Rate of Australian Newstart payments. He sits on both the ‘Reference Group’ and ‘Working Group’ with the New Employment Services Trial, which represents the jobseeker experience and voice to the Australian Government Department of Jobs and Small Business.  Hayden is also a Positive Life South Australia (PLSA) representative within the National Association for People with HIV & AIDS (NAPWHA) community.

An active volunteer, lobbyist, campaigner and advocate within the community and social services sector, Hayden volunteers and facilitates training and events:

  • Bobby Goldsmith Foundation, SameshSA / ShineSA,
  • As ‘Raise the Rate’ Campaign Coordinator for the Anti-Poverty Network SA
  • Working with the Anti-Poverty Networks of Australia

Through his many roles, Hayden voices his lived experiences at events and conferences on local, State, National and International levels encompassing the experiences of the many members of the organisations he continues to represent.

Personal & Professional Commitment


We are all in this together! A deep passion for social welfare policy reform, advocacy, lobbying, campaigning and activism. Dedication to equity for all.


Continued campaigning against all forms of Compulsory Income Management, for equity and to Raise the Rate for all income support payments.


Continue to work with grassroots activists and campaigners, organisations, academics, networks and politicians, from all levels of government and crossing all party lines to ensure that we discriminate against no one.

Let’s build something together.

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