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Hayden actively contributes to various organisations that encompass a deep passion for social welfare policy reform, advocacy, lobbying, campaigning and activism by bringing substantial lived experience and community service experience spanning several decades.

As the past President of the Australian Unemployed Workers’ Union (AUWU), and as a continuing campaigner against all forms of Compulsory Income Management such as the Cashless Welfare Card & Basics Cards, and continual campaigning for equity, and a Raise to the Rate of ALL income support payments above the Henderson Poverty Line, I continue to work with grassroots activists and campaigners, organisations, academics, networks, and politicians from all levels of government and crossing all party lines to ensure that we discriminate against no-one, and that we are truly…

“All in this together”.

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Hayden has been, and continues, to be involved in campaigns, and lobbying projects, as well as appears in various medias, promotional materials, and press releases.

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